About Spectrogon

Spectrogon derives its origin partly from research conducted at the Royal Institute of Technology, a leading Swedish technical university, and partly from research and development projects at AGA AB, a former major Swedish industrial group. In 1980 we became AGA Optical, which eventually became Spectrogon in 1984. Spectrogon AB became an independent company on June 28, 1991.

Spectrogon has established operating businesses in three different countries:

  • Spectrogon AB headquartered in Täby, Sweden, is housed on two sites totaling 3,600 square meters modern manufacturing facilities for thin film and grating products employing 88 persons for R&D, production, sales and marketing in Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Spectrogon UK, Ltd., in Scotland, UK, is a wholly owned subsidiary employing three persons for sales and marketing in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Belgium
  • Spectrogon US, Inc., in New Jersey, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary and employs four persons for sales and marketing to the American photonics market

Spectrogon's head office Arninge siteSpectrogon’s basic business concept is: ”to provide competitive state-of-the-art optical components and sub-systems based on interference and/or diffraction for controlling light, primarily in measurement applications.”

Spectrogon’s most important markets are Western Europe and North America. A major portion of invoiced sales – more than 80 %, goes to original equipment manufacturer (OEM’s) in specialized electro-optics markets. These specialized markets include: instrumentation for medical diagnostics, industrial process control, robotics, environmental measurements, optical communications and various other related analytical instrumentation.

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