Optical Coatings

Spectrogon’s Coating Service capabilities
(400-20000 nm) for OEM customers include:


Antireflection coatings

  • Single and multilayer coatings
  • Broad band AR coatings
  • Extended BBAR coatings
  • Laser line AR coatings
  • Dual wavelength AR coatings
  • UV laser coatings


High reflective coatings

  • Metallic high reflective coatings
  • Dielectric laser line HR coatings
  • Dielectric HR coatings

Laser diode coatings

(on customer supplied laser diodes and fibers)

  • AR coatings
  • Partial reflectors
  • High reflective coatings

Beam splitter coatings

  • 193-20000 nm


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