Filter wheel products
Spectrogon manufactures and deliver either the optical filters for your filter wheel or supply the complete assembled filter wheel

  • We manufacture optical filters for wavelengths from 220 to 15000 nm; Bandpass, Longwave-pass, shortwave-pass, Broad-bandpass, Neutral density
  • We supply the complete filter wheel according to your specifications

Optical filters
We manufacture filters and windows from Ø5.0 to Ø200.0 mm. The wafers can be diced to custom-made sizes, down to as small as 1.0×1.0 mm. Thickness from 0.3 to 3.0 mm. The high transmission, high rejection outside the passband, fine surface quality and the coating uniformity gives our filters an excellent performance.

Complete filter wheel
We help our customers with design and production of optical filters, procurement of filter wheel parts and assembly of the complete filter wheel.

Benefits when purchasing a complete filter wheel assembly from Spectrogon:

  • Spectrogon manufactures the filter set needed
  • Takes care of the procurement of the filter wheel material
  • Assembles the complete filter wheel
  • Performs quality control with spectral measurement and analysis for each individual filter wheel position
  • Settles serial number for identification and traceability
  • Creates documentation for complete traceability
  • Delivers the filter wheel according to your delivery schedule

Production capabilities
Spectrogon has coating chambers both for small prototype runs and for high volume production. We have cleanroom facility for assembly of filter wheels.

Off-the-shelf deliveries
For testing filters for your filter wheel; please, check our website for available stock filters, click on the filter description and you will get spectral characteristics for each filter batch. We have approximately 1000 different filter types listed. If you don’t find required filter, please, contact our sales department for further assistance.



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