WLP and WLO Optical Coatings

To make high volume optical component and sensor production more efficient and to bring down unit cost without compromising performance, a transition from traditional die level package to a wafer level package has become the standard solution.

Spectrogon offers a coating service for customer processed active device wafers. We have both sputtered coating capability and evaporation coating (PVD) capability. We can handle up to Ø200.0 mm wafers and the sputter coating resources covers wavelength range from 400-2500 nm and PVD coating resources covers 2500-14000 nm.

Virtually any of our optical filter and optical window types – Bandpass filters, Broad bandpass filters, Longwave pass filters, Shortwave pass filters and Anti-reflection coatings – can be integrated with WLP/WLO.

The WLP/WLO products have a dedicated production line, and all process steps are handled in a cleanroom environment. The coating is optimized for low defects and the surface finish is verified in our optical surface quality inspection system, against customer specification. An automatic pass/fail report generation with imperfection mapping is available if required.

For this coating service on this product type, quality and turnaround time are usually most important for our customers. We address this by having dedicated resources and reserved capacity for optimized performance.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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