There are a wide range of applications where optical interference filters are being successfully used.
Here are just a few examples:

Air quality
monitoring air pollution in road tunnels and city areas.

Alcohol analysis
car driver safety control.

eliminating interfering light.

fluoresence microscopy and spectroscopy.

Car industry
exhaust emission control.

Chemical industry
industrial production control.

efficiency control of large power plants for environment protection.

Food industry
quality control of protein and fat content in milk, grain etc. Potable water analysis.

Gas analysis
industrial production control. Link to product sheet.

Laser systems
eliminating interfering light.

Medical care
patient examination and monitoring.

Moisture measurement
moisture control in pulp and paper industry.

Personal security
monitoring hazardous gases in closed environments like mines etc.

laboratory and medical sample analysis.

monitoring of industrial processes.

Thermal analysis
monitoring machines, heat leaks in buildings and airport safety. Link to product sheet.

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