Prices thin film services

Dicing, custom sizing or turn down diameter:
– Quartz, sapphire, zinc sulfide material
– EUR 350,00/filter
– USD 402,00/filter
– Glass, Germanium, silicon material
– EUR 225,00/filter
– USD 260,00/filter

Filter holder including mounting:
– Mounting of standard Ø25.4 mm filter:
– EUR 20,00/filter
– USD 23,00/filter

Special QA testing:
– Other than normal incidence angle:
– EUR 120,00/filter
– USD 138,00/filter
– Reflectance measurement:
– EUR 180,00/filter
– USD 207,00/filter
– Measurement up to 500 K (227 °C):
– EUR 450,00/filter
– USD 517,00/filter
– Measurement at 77 K (-196 °C):
– EUR 590,00/filter
– USD 678,00/filter
– FAI standard tests
– EUR 600,00/filter
– USD 690,00/filter
– Climate tests acc to MIL-F-48616 and MIL-C-48497A
– EUR 500,00/filter
– USD 575,00/filter
– Flatness measurment
– EUR 250,00/filter
– USD 288,00/filter

– Standard CoC when requested at time of order
– EUR 15,00/filter
– USD 17,00/filter
– Raw transmission data in xls-file format when requested at time of order
– EUR 30,00/filter
– USD 35,00/filter

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