Optical filters

Broad Bandpass Filters

Standard Broad Bandpass Filters in stock, subject to prior sales (Wavelength range UV, VIS, NIR & IR).

If you don’t find a suitable filter for your application in the list below, please, contact Spectrogon’s sales team for further assistance. Go to request form.

Please note that our “stock” filters are not boxed, bagged, labelled and on the shelf ready to go. Our stock contains many thousands of filters and components. Sometimes it’s only the components that are in stock, which still need to be glued together to make multi component filters. The filters & components have to be pulled from stock, cleaned, re-measured and checked by QC, packed and shipped. Due to the finite resources of our QC department and the high demand on stock filters, normally delivery will be 7-10 days after receipt of order. Thanks for your understanding.

General Specifications:

Diameter: 25.4 mm +0/-0.2 mm. Custom sizing
Thickness: Specified in the filter list below (mm), tol ±0.2 mm

Blocking: Avg < 0.1 % UV to block high
Slope: < 5 % defined as:

Spectral measurements

Spectral curve at room temperature and normal incidence angle is supplied with each filter type.

Description: BBP-HP1-HP2 in nanometers (HP 50 % of Tpeak)
(Ex BBP-0555-0695c nm, c stands for that the filter is classified after Cuton and Cutoff 5 %, instead of HP1 and HP2 50 % as normal)

Click on the Description, to see spectral characteristics for the filters in stock.


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